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Downtown Walking Tour

Downtown Columbus isn’t just the center of town, it is the center of commerce and government for the city. Named after Christopher Columbus, the capital of Ohio was a manufactured city: North Bank Parkwhen Ohio decided to relocate the capital to the center of the state, they selected a forested, swampy area, and Columbus was born. What we call downtown was once the entire city of Columbus before it grew to become the 15th largest city in the U.S.

Join me as we take a look at both the past, present, and future of the capital city. We’ll explore The Ohio State House, one of the greatest examples of the Greek Revival Style and the center of Government in Ohio. You’ll also learn about the history of Columbus, from it’s founding in 1812 to our involvement in the Civil war and beyond. Make sure to bring your camera because some of the sites on this walk are amongst the most photographed in the city.

This is a perfect tour for anyone interested in history, culture, and Columbus in general. If you’ve never been to Columbus or have spent most of your time in our other amazing neighborhoods, taking a stroll downtown is a must! This tour also connects wonderfully to a number of other tours making your time in Columbus well spent and enjoyed by all!